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Norinco Deluxe NDM-86 Dragunov

Here we have an extremely rare Norinco NDM-86 Deluxe package in velvet presentation case. This rifle is chambered in 7.62x54r and is the second most rare Dragunov rifle behind the original KBI import Russian rifles. The Chinese were the only country to copy the original SVD exactly and built an excellent rifle that remains in use overseas to this day. These velvet cased versions, unlike many of the later commercial imports, show clear scrubbing marks on the underside of the receiver where they were originally marked as military rifles and then had the military markings removed when they were packaged for sale to the United States. Very rare guns and the best of the NDM rifles. This one is in used condition with finish wear on the high points and behind the ejection port. This is one you can keep as an investment and not feel back to take it out at the barbecue and let friends shoot a few a rounds through it.

......................................................................................................  $10,999

Russian KBI SVD Dragunov - Mint, Unfired

We have recently been lucky enough to find a "Holy Grail" rifle of the SVD world: an unfired, mint KBI import SVD in the original box and with all original accessories. Only 100 of the KBI rifles were imported. Many of those have been shot, used, lost, stolen or damaged in the quarter century since they were imported. All are in the hands of serious collectors and it is very rare that one shows up for sale in the secondary market at all, let alone one that is mint, just as it was purchased 25 years ago. It is very possible that this is the only KBI SVD in the world in this condition. The rifle was originally sold by the owner of KBI to the owner of the advertising company that produced the KBI catalogs. The rifle has been sitting in a vault since then. Two of those original KBI catalogs from 1994 are included with the rifle. Also included is the original sales receipt from 1995. The accessories have not been opened and rifle looks like it rolled off the line yesterday, to include the safety hang tag on the trigger guard. This is, without a doubt, the nicest SVD package we have ever had or seen in the 12 years we’ve specialized in these rifles.
This is not only a very neat firearm but also an incredible investment opportunity and heirloom worthy of passing on to future generations. 

.......................................................................... SOLD

Romanian PSL/FPK/Romak III/Dragunov

This is a factory built Romanian Dragunov sniper rifle, complete with original military scope(not the imported version) and all of the accessories pictured. These rifles, also known as a Romak-3, SSG-97, and PSL, are extremely accurate and reliable. The Dragunov design has been in use since the mid 60's, and is still the official design of Russia and other Com-bloc countries. This is the Romanian version, which improved on the Russian design as far as reliability goes. This is a great weapon for several reasons. First, it uses the same type of action that an AK-47 uses, which makes it drag-through-the-mud reliable. Second, it's semi-automatic, which means if you miss with the first shot, you have an immediate chance to make up for it. Third, it uses a very powerful 7.62x54R caliber bullet, which is a monster round. The large size of the round and the long barrel of the rifle combine to allow shooting out to 1000yds. A communist sniper issued a Dragunov rifle in the Afghan war stated that he felt confident hitting people out to 800 yds with one shot, and vehicles up to 1000 yds. These features make the perfect long-range weapon for any situation. This rifle comes complete with scope(very cool, built in range-finder reticle which was originally lit with radioactive Tritium), cleaning kit, broken-shell extractor, small spare parts, cleaning rod, oil bottle, leather sling, owner's manual provided by importer, and a hardcase. Quantities of these rifles are extremely limited. The picture is representative, these all look the same. These are arsenal-stored rifles; not fired, but the wood will sometimes show some age. These rifles were never meant to be pretty, they were meant to shoot things from a long ways away. Also because these are rifles from military storage, some small parts like the some small accessories may vary from rifle to rifle (cleaning kit pouch, cleaning kit contents, etc.). This rifle is a valuable investment, a great collector's piece, and a very fun gun to shoot. This may be your last chance for a great rifle.

......USED, with full accessory package, 1 magazine, and hardcase......$1899

.....SELECT (UNFIRED OR EXCEPTIONAL), with full accessory package, 1 magazine, and hardcase (one available).....$2099 (varies)

Russian Tiger Dragunov in 7.62x54R, Unfired

This is a like new, unfired Russian SVD Tiger with accessories. These rifles have been banned from import into the United States since the early 1990's and will likely remain so. The website SniperCentral lists the officially adopted sniper rifles of 61 countries, and the Dragunov represents 23 of them. The next most popular rifle (SSG-69) has only been adopted by 5 nations. Coming into service in 1963 the Russian rifle has become famous. This rugged and absolutely reliable system boasts a heavy-duty milled receiver that won't stop. The reliability of the system, combined with the semi-automatic rate of fire which allows quick follow-up shots if you miss your target the first time, and the hard-hitting 7.62 caliber round all make the Dragunov the ideal sniper rifle. A communist sniper issued a Dragunov rifle in the Afghan war stated that he felt confident hitting people out to 800 yds with one shot, and vehicles up to 1000 yds. The Tiger version of the rifle has a barrel 4 inches shorter than the original (still plenty long enough, as proven by the fact that many current military Dragunovs are issued with the shorter barrels). Other than the barrel length, and some minor differences in the sight leaf and gas piston, this rifle is the exact same thing that the military uses. As SVD rifles are no longer legal to import, this is your best chance at owning a real Dragunov, built by the Russians on quality tooling, without spending half a year's pay on the original Dragunov (just to get an extra four inches on the barrel). This is a fine rifle, with a wood stock that pictures do not do justice. The rifle comes with one five round mag, leather carry bag, Russian scope, cleaning kit with tools, cleaning rods, sling, and hardcase. The rifle appears to be factory test fired only and externally is in excellent condition. There are a couple of spots where the sling has rubbed against the finish but overall the rifle looks very good for being nearly a quarter century old. This rifle is ready for either the range or hanging on your wall, no doubt about that, this is a nice one. With no more of these EVER coming into the United States, this is a valuable investment no matter what you decide to use it for. Don't let this chance to own an original Russian-made SVD get by. 

............................................................................................................... SOLD

Romanian PSL Receiver

Surplus Romanian PSL/FPK Dragunov receiver with scope rail in 7.62x54r. Will accept last round bolt hold open devices. Great for builds and FPK/PSL parts kits. Some have minor finish wear or scratches from storage ( similar to the pictures). Some look to have been partially assembled or fitted before TN Guns ceased production of rifles but have all been returned to their original, pictured configuration (if you look you can see where possibly a couple of rivets were installed or the safety lever was fitted). None appear to have ever been assembled into a complete rifle and none look to have any issues. Because the importer, TN Guns, is going out of business and will no longer be able to honor any warranty, these are sold as-is. These are the last of the original Romanian receivers in the country. Now is a good time to order a spare or set one aside for later.


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