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Russian SVD Dragunov in case with scope and accessories Russian SVD Dragunov

Welcome to Apache Arms. We specialize in rare military weapons such as the Russian Dragunov and it's variants. Please check back often for updated product listings.

WE ACCEPT VISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVER (card sales are not eligible for 3% cash discount)

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Romanian PSL rifle in case with accessories Romanian PSL Rifle Package

*Some items marked as "SOLD" may still be special ordered. Special order does not mean we call up the Russians or Chinese and order up 50 rifles, it means we can likely find you a new or used rifle or put you on a waiting list for the next time one becomes available. Prices are extremely variable on these rifles depending on condition and configuration, please don't email asking simply "Price for Dragunov?"


Please email us at ApacheArms@yahoo.com to be added to the contact list or for any questions not covered here. All requests to be added to the contact list must include your name, phone number, email, and what specifically you're looking to buy.

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